Governance Advisory services
include Compliance, Risk
Management, Business Continuity
and other Governance related services.

  • Advisory;
  • Due diligence reviews;
  • Specialised Audits; and
  • Training and Conferences.

Our philosophy about employing
staff is that is always better to first
date than to jump into a marriage


Our services include Governance Advisory that includes Corporate Governance. A new era in Corporate Governance was ushered in with the coming into being King reports on Corporate Governance in South Africa. South Africa is one of the leading countries in the world in relation to Corporate Governance as the latest King report (King III) became effective from 1 March 2010.

Corporate Governance Advisory :

The corporate governance advisory is an advisory service that will assist your organisation successfully implement any of the corporate governance aspects in your organisation. Our services include the development of policies, frameworks and all related advisory services. These services also include the structuring and aligning of the processes in the corporate governance space as well as the supply of staff to manage these areas on a temporary as
well as a full time basis.

Our main service areas are :

  • Ethics Management;
  • Compliance Management;
  • Enterprise Risk Management;
  • Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery;
  • Information Technology and Communications Management;
  • Internal Audit Management;
  • Forensic Audit Management (Investigation, Detection and Prevention);
  • Reporting Including Integrated Reporting and Disclosure;
  • Board and COSEC Management; and
  • Sustainability Management.

Training :

We also provide awareness training to all levels of employees (Board of Directors, EXCO, Management and rest of staff) on:

  • Compliance Management;
  • Risk Management;
  • Business Continuity Management; and
  • Ethics and Fraud prevention.