Governance Advisory services
include Compliance, Risk
Management, Business Continuity
and other Governance related services.

  • Advisory;
  • Due diligence reviews;
  • Specialised Audits; and
  • Training and Conferences.

Our philosophy about employing
staff is that is always better to first
date than to jump into a marriage


We have more than 20 years of experience in Corporate Governance Advisory (Compliance, Risk Management, and Business Continuity etc.), Business Advisory (Developing Policies and Procedures, Specialised Audits etc.), the placement and secondment of staff. We are proud to announce that during December 2011 our BEE Partner (Dlamini Advisory Services (Pty) Ltd) acquired a 20% shareholding in us. We are now in even a better position to service the Private and Public Sector clients in Southern Africa and also clients in the rest of Africa.

GAP Advisory has three main service lines, they are:

G - Governance Advisory which include Compliance Management, Enterprise Risk
      Management, Business Continuity Management, Ethics Management and all other areas of
      Corporate Governance.

A - Advisory and Specialised Audits which include development of policies and procedures
     e.g. Finance policies, Information technology policies, Fraud prevention plans and any other
     business policy and procedure needed. This service also includes due diligence reviews and
     awareness training. Our Specialised Audits include compliance and other specialised audits.

P - Placements and Secondment of staff on a temporary or permanent basis. Our claim to fame
      is that we can place any type and level of temporary staff within 2 to 5 business days. The
      rates for temporary staff will be negotiated and will differ depending on the level of the staff
      required. Our rates for the placement of permanent staff are also very affordable at 12% of
      cost to company for the first placement and 10% of cost to company for subsequent

GAP Identification and Implementation Process:

We believe that the process followed should be simplified so that all the parties involved in the identification of the GAP (Refer Graph 1) as well as the parties that will be implementing the solution have a clear understanding of what need to be done and by when.

Graph 1

We have visited the world Business Continuity Conference in London during November 2011. We can share the following latest news with you:

  • BS 25999 will be replaced by ISO 22301 during the first or second quarter of 2012;
  • Business Continuity is more than just having a plan, it should be practical and easy to implement; and
  • We also realised that an organisation can outsource the management of their Business Continuity Plan in case of a crises situation. The people that manage these Business Continuity plans are called Plan Chasers, and we have added this service to our services.